Pawn If you have never patronized a pawn shop before, you may be missing out. They have a great number of options that you will no doubt want to explore. At first glance, it’s easy to pass up the neon signs and random locations that these businesses have. But if you slow down a minute, and you actually walk in, you’ll realize that there’s a lot to explore within the doors of your average shop. There’s a lot of different reasons why these locales are great, and one of them is because they have a lot to sell.

Shops sell goods to the public, and you’ll be surprised by the inventory that they may stock. Not only that, the inventory that they have changes up quite a bit, leaving you with a variety of solutions to explore overall. Here’s the best part, the inventory changes so often, that every time you go visit your local pawn shop, you’ll find something new offered.

Why does the inventory change so often? Well, there are several reasons why this happens, and it very well may prove to be the big factor that pushes you into the doors of a shop sooner than later.

New Customers Come In Everyday

The first thing that you should know about the pawn options in your area is that they have new clients come through all the time. Many of the people that come through the doors buy things. They buy a variety of options, which is a good thing. When inventory is sold through, they have to replenish it. The thing is, they can’t just go to their wholesaler and get more items. When you go to a big box retailer, they are going to order more from the manufacturer or wholesaler. That doesn’t work with pawn solutions.

They have to get items from those that come in, and replenish supply based on the people that come through their doors. This is a good thing, however, because they can change things out often enough. Each new person coming in with something to sell is an opportunity to stock a new item that may not be there too long, or be duplicated again.

Collateral Changes Hands

Did you know that you can get a short-term loan from a pawn broker? Here’s the thing, you have to pay things back in an orderly fashion. Otherwise, anything that you put up for collateral will be taken away. When shops take collateral away from people that don’t pay their loan back, the item goes into the general sales area.


That way the shop can make money off of the item that is no longer getting paid on. This may sound awful, but that’s how the lending elements of pawn shops work. One lends the pawn shop an item for a short time, pays their loan off and gets their item back, or they lose it.

Constantly Buying

As mentioned above, new clients and customers come through a storefront daily. But you may not know that pawn brokers are constantly buying things. They have to. If a shop doesn’t buy anything, they can’t sell anything. Shops that aren’t doing any sales, won’t last long. That’s why you’ll find that many shops will have a wide variety of items, and many times at discount, because they need to sell through inventory outright. If they don’t sell through items, they will not make any money, and things would be tough all around. By constantly buying, a company will be able to gain the upper hand in their business, and help sell through items to other people as well.


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Benefits of Selling Your Old Jewelry To Pawn Shops

Pawn-Jewelry When it comes to spring cleaning, you may only think about the literal act of getting things cleared up. Many people think about this in terms of vacuuming, dusting, and things of that nature. But one aspect that you may not have thought about is that of selling your old things. For instance, you may want to look through all of the things that you don’t use, and perhaps sell them straightway to others. But in your quest to inventory everything you have, make sure that you look to see if you have anything of value.

If you have things of value, you’re going to want to visit a pawn shop, because that’s where you’re going to get the most bang for your proverbial buck. As you consider this, look into your drawers and boxes to see if you have any old jewelry.

You’ll find that this is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting top dollar on things that you are going to sell, especially if you’re dead set on spring cleaning. If you’re not sure about this, consider some of the benefits that come with this option overall.

Giving Someone Else A Chance To Wear Things

If you’re not currently wearing a lot of your jewelry, what is it doing? It’s collecting dust, and it’s not going to help you get any forward progress. In fact, you could have a lot of things that you thought you would love, but in the long term, they just aren’t that grand.

Whether you have rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, you’ll find that some things outlive their usefulness. If that’s the case for things that you have in your home, why not sell them? When you sell these to a pawn option, you’ll give other people a chance to use them.

You see, when you sell things, the shop you give them to will then turn around and sell things to others. Your old jewelry elements could very well help someone else look their best, which is definitely a great thing to pursue overall.

Getting Fast Money

Whether you’re dealing with a financial emergency, or you just want some extra money, you’ll find that by selling your old jewelry, you will get paid. Getting paid is a good thing, as no one is going to object to that at all. There comes a lot of great benefits to having extra money, especially when you exchange things you aren’t using at all. Just think about the price of gold for a second.

PawnThe average price of gold right now is upwards of one thousand dollars, which can translate into a lot of money if you have a lot of gold pieces. Selling through your items can net you a nice little nest egg, or at least enough for one amazing vacation. Getting fast money may not be simple in other options, but when it comes to using your old jewelry for money, it’s definitely worth exploring on a deeper level.

The biggest benefit above the money and giving others a chance to wear things, is that you will not have to deal with space being taken up. Once you sell things, and you have your money, you will have empty space. That’s a good thing. That means that there’s no clutter, nothing collecting dust, and nothing to worry about. You’ll have your money, and that’s it.

When you focus on pawn options, you’ll find that the best solution moving forward is to sell your items outright. You’ll find that this pays you, and comes with a lot of benefits after the fact. Test this option once, and you’ll see why so many are pursuing this route with their jewelry today.


A Tradition of Funeral Service Excellence

Losing a loved one is an extremely emotional and stressful experience.  Amidst the personal difficulties that are experienced during this time, there are practical things to take care of.  This is where funeral services come in. Excellent funeral services involve thoroughness, personalization, sensitivity and discreetness.  Upon visiting our website,, you can read more information about gentrygriffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory.  We understand that funeral services should be done with as much dignity and love befitting the deceased.

Gentry Griffey has been serving families in Knox County and its surrounding vicinity since 1948.  We are a trusted and reliable partner during one of the most sensitive and difficult times of families’ lives. We are a proud member of both the National Funeral Directors Association and the Tennessee Funeral Directors Association.  How did this tradition of excellent service start?  At, you will find the history of the company and our pride in serving the residents of this area for many years.  This pride is still reflected in the present day and has kept us going all these years.

Aside from being well-known in the community, we also have a beautiful outdoor property, which is open to the public. In fact, our building is located on a three-acre piece of land with a park dotted with dogwood trees.  The property also sits by the Fountain City Lake.  While the exterior has natural beauty, our renovated building is equally stunning, showcasing the traditional architecture of the American south from the late 1800s.  A video captures this beauty at

Our staff are not only dedicated to quality and personalized service to our clients, but they are also much qualified to serve you.

Our staff members are licensed funeral directors with years of experience in the funeral industry. We also have qualified grief counselors to help you come to terms with the loss of your loved one. Aside from this, our capable staff takes care of all the necessary paperwork needed, especially in procuring Social Security benefits, veteran’s benefits and insurance claims. Read more about our staff members’ qualifications and relevant details at

The owners and operators of Gentry Griffey are all locals in the area, so they understand the needs and culture of the community. Being exposed to this diversity, we provide funeral services for all cultures and traditions. If needed, they can extend financial assistance.  One great thing about this funeral service facility is that it is able to accommodate every budget.

We have our own state-of-the-art mortuary and Funeral Chapel, and we offer a full range of funeral services. Our packages cover all areas of the service, from embalming to transport to the final resting place, and everything else in between.  We take care of even the small details.

In our effort to better serve the community, Gentry Griffey opened its very first fully operational on-site crematory in the county.  This is a reflection of changing preferences of people in terms of how their remains will be handled.  Gentry Griffey is sensitive to the needs of the community, so we thought of establishing this crematory within our premises. The advantage of having our own on-site crematory, the only one in the Knoxville area, is that we are not dependent on a separate facility. This also means that the deceased will stay in just one place, instead of being transferred from one place to another.  We also do not have to depend on the schedule of other crematories that are located out of town.

We believe that our service does not end when the remains are disposed, either through burial or inurnment. We also aim to support families who are grieving and help them go through this difficult time in their lives.  In 2015, we established a grief support group called BLOOMS.  BLOOMS, an acronym that stands for Bringing together Losses of Others Mourning Sadness, has meetings and reading materials to help people overcome grief.  We also send monthly email newsletters through our Circle of Friends Newsletter campaign, which sends out important advice and articles that help with the grieving process.

Having vast experience in the funeral service area, no one understands funeral services like we do.  However, what makes us really stand out above all others is that we care about our clients.  Gentry Griffey stands by the core values of Trust, Value, and Service.  All our employees, management, and staff imbibe these values as we serve the community. We believe that it is important to have a proper funeral service not only to honor the deceased, but also to provide suitable closure and start the healing process for those who are left behind. The standard of excellent service that the founders of Gentry Griffey started years ago is still in place today. We are proud to be of service to you and your family.

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Excellent funeral services involve thoroughness, personalization, sensitivity and discreetness.You can read more information about gentrygriffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory.

Click Here to Find Out the Top Secrets of Popular Websites

Fame is something not achieved overnight, as they say Rome was not built in a day. However, we know that in today’s technology something could be famous overnight. Think about the things that have gone viral online.

Some videos, posts, websites and click here become famous in just a few hours after they have posted online. A site can get millions of visits overnight. This does not happen most of the times but we have definitely witnessed a few of them.

So what really makes a website click? We have gathered some the things that make a website rise to fame quickly.

website•We noticed that people like controversies. If others are already talking about, the rest of the crowd wants to know about it too. A controversy has a ripple effect in the crowd. When you present something online and you were able to convince and encourage a few people to talk about it then everyone else will follow the lead.

•We normally go after things that arouse our curiosity. It is an undeniable fact that people are inquisitive by nature. But how does something captures our interest? Our team have observed that most people are more likely to visit a site that have an interesting subject or topic. The use catchy phrases or intriguing subjects would be enough convince an online user to visit the website.

•People also opt to use websites that update their contents periodically. If web visitors have already seen and read your articles, they will not be visiting your site again to read the same article. People always want something fresh, something new.

•Nowadays, we are very much involve in social networking and so when we go to a site and we find something interesting we like to share it with others. In most cases, people like a website that allows them to share the information with their online friends. In addition, websites get a lot of traffic from social networking sites like click here.

•We have also noted that people prefer sites that have been recommended especially by people they know. This is the reason why it is important that your website will have allow website visitors to share the information on various social networking sites. Social networking like click here is the word of mouth advertisement online.

•A website becomes famous if it has a lot of exposures. The more a visible a website in other web pages, the more visitors it will get. A website exposure can be made possible by having different ads in various websites or sharing the website link in social networking sites.

•We have also observed that when famous people or celebrities really have a great impact on online users. If a celebrity or a prominent figure talks about you, they are likely to bring traffic to your website. Perhaps, it could be because having a prominent figure know about your website or product is enough to make people think that there must be something special about your site.

SEO•But the one thing that beats everything mentioned above is having a good search engine optimization. This is probably the biggest secret of click here. For as long as you can secure your site to be the top rank on a search result, people will always find a way to your site. Other websites might even offer so much more than what you can offer, but people will still visit your site first if you have a good seo behind your site.

Gaining popularity online is all about strategy. Becoming famous overnight is possible but staying famous is another story. There is no doubt about it. However, we have observed that after someone had visited a website and found no useful and appropriate contents on it, he or she would usually leave the page right away. The result then is that next time, if that person runs another search even if your website is the first one on the list, it would likely be ignored. So make sure that your website is supported by informative and useful contents by following click here.

We believe that if you want your website to be famous and stay famous you must be able to balance content and strategy.

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Cleaning 101: How To Take Care Of Printed Circuit Boards?

A malfunctioning gadget often has problems with its wiring connections that are mainly found on the printed circuit board. Immediately, a user takes it to the technician, only to find out that it was covered with dust particles and just needs cleaning.

This is the reason why it is important to know the basics of how to clean a PCB:

A printed circuit board is a delicate object to handle. At a first glance, one might imagine the complexity of the wires interconnected and may rethink of cleaning it. However, a little knowledge, patience and skills are what you basically need to safely clean a PCB.

Many kinds of dirt and other particles can affect the functionality of the PCB. This means that a specific cleaning method is required for a specific scenario. To clean a printed circuit board, one must first identify what is the specific situation to be dealt with. It can either be a cover of dust, a corrosion of the metals inside, solder flux, etc., and there are various ways to clean them.

pcb_assemblyFor dust particles covering the PCB, it is recommended to use a simple brush, depending on the board size. It can be an old toothbrush, a small paint brush, or even a vacuum brush. An automatic electronic vacuum designed for PCB can also be used. This is done by regulating the amount of air which is just enough to blow off the dust to avoid breaking the board.

The next that you should deal with is dirt mixed with sticky elements such as wax or oil. This scenario requires thorough cleaning because dust and other particles are easily attracted to oil or wax’s tackiness. To do so, examine the board first. Make sure to take note of the parts that should not be removed or should not come in contact with water.You get best details visit here Reading a PCB manual is also helpful.

Second, undo any components that are plugged into the board. It can be unsoldered to be safe. For the cleaning of the board itself, obtain a solution of a non-phosphate cleaner which can be bought at supermarkets and put it on the board and leave for about 15 minutes. Slightly brush it and rinse with water thoroughly.

Let the board dry by carefully wiping water off or using an air compressing machine to let the water evaporate. Subject the board into heat to ensure that it gets dry. It is advisable to use an oven. Preheat the oven into about 75 degrees Celsius, then turn it off and put the board inside it overnight. When completed, inspect for any damage.

Corrosion is among the most serious problems one may encounter if the PCB is not cleaned properly and immediately. When a metal undergoes corrosion, a chemical reaction destroys it. The printed circuit board, which is made of copper, is not an exception. To deal with corrosion problems, identify first what is the initial cause. If a leaked battery is the source, use a mixture of water and baking soda. This will create a paste-like solution.

Softly rub a brush and leave it for 30 minutes. This will help stop the penetration of the acid from the battery; then clean start cleaning it. The cleaning method ideal for filthy and tacky particles can be directly applied if the reason for corrosion is water.

Solder flux is also a common problem. This is observed when a yellowish or brownish lump is seen. This flux is characterized as acidic, and thus can affect internal pins, traces, and other related circuits. This can be easily done by using professional and commercial cleaning brands. For a beginner, and those who want to maintain their boards often, an isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush can be used. Let it dry by wiping it with a clean towel.

Taking care of printed circuit boards is very important and everyone who owns a gadget must have a little bit of knowledge about the basics of cleaning it.

Preserving the Value of Your Collection of Patches

Collecting items is a habit that people developed before and is still enjoying today. There just seem to be something that makes people happy just by surrounding themselves with their collection. Of course, the process of searching and acquiring is always fun. But that’s also when the challenge starts. As your collection grows, the more space gets required to keep them. The same goes when collecting patches. As it adds up, it becomes a necessity for you to know the best way you can store and protect your collection without losing its value.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

So the question now is, how can you preserve the value of your collection without storing them away and out of your sight? The options are actually wide. At most, all you need is to take advantage of your creativity and incorporate your collection as you enhance your home interior. Below are just some great ideas you may consider and improve depending on your preference.

1. Framed Patch Displays

The most basic way you can make your patch collection as part of your interior is through using picture frames or display cases. You have three options here: aluminum sectional frames with Plexiglass, poster size frames or foam core board, the least inexpensive of all. No matter what you choose, select that offers enough space to avoid pressing the items on the case. Display cases for patch comes in table top or wall mount option.

2. Cork Board

This is an option worth considering if you are up for some DIY project. Just get a 2”x3” cork bulletin board and some shrink wrap for the materials. This size of cork bulletin board will let you fit about four rows of 7 patches. You can use a stapler to attach the patch on the board or use other safer means if you want. Once done in this phase, you can start wrapping the frame using the shrink wrap to provide protection for the items.

3. Patch Album

PatchesIn this option, you can treat your patch collection just like the pictures showing every happy moments of your life. There are even photo albums that are specifically created for these items. Once the items are arranged on the album, have it displayed where you can easily access it while still keeping it well-protected.

4. Art is Art: Decorate Your Schoolbag with Patches

For this option, you can use any color you prefer for the schoolbag – should be plain or at least, only has little design. But it would be best to choose black or navy for a better background. Your schoolbag will serve as your blank canvass, giving you all the freedom to decide on the design and what to make it look like. So plan the design well before starting.

5. Hide Rack Display

PatchThis is a suitable option if you are feeling that creative at the moment. A hide rack display functions just like any display frames. The only difference is, you will make the frame itself and practice what you learned during your Boy Scout years, like making hitches and knots. You will need dowels, cotton cord, bit and drill, synthetic suede leather and more to get the project done.

Some Tips to Get You Going

Whatever ways you choose to display your collection, it would be best to do away with pins, cellophane, staples, pins and masking tape. Using any of these materials will not help in preserving the value of your collection but only increase the risk of marking or staining them. If you are planning to display your patches on frames, make sure to mount them at eye level. It will also complement with your interior to create a theme when displaying the items.

Don’t forget to add at least a short description of the collection to make them more purposeful. Lastly, you want to make sure that your investment is displayed out of the sun. Patch displays that are exposed to the sun for a long period will bleach and ruin its colors. It is best to avoid displaying these items where there is too much traffic as well, especially if the items are framed.

Your patch collection is significant in several ways. It may be your means of expressing your personality or creativity. Or, each of the patches you have may be acquired from significant instances in your life. Regardless of the way you acquired them, you want to make sure that they are preserved well.Get more detail idea about collection of patches and their custom design application and how they are to be preserved by visiting Keeping them organized and using one of the ideas mentioned is among the ways you can achieve and ensure of that.

Renting Movable Cubicles

A movable cubicle can be pricey. Nonetheless, they are extremely useful. So if you do not have enough savings yet, do not worry because not being able to buy a unit for yourself that does not necessarily mean that you cannot use one. There are always other options.

Rent a movable cubicle

For one, you can opt to rent a movable cubicle. If moving to a new office is an urgent task and your savings is not enough to buy a unit, then you can just rent. There are actually a lot of companies offering movable cubicles for rent. But of course, this option also has its own pros and cons


Renting a movable cubicle is no doubt cheaper than buying your own. In fact, it can be a better option if you are planning to use the cubicle for only a short period of time or even one-time big-time. As mentioned earlier, although it is quite useful, a movable cubicle is costly and you really have to save up for it.

So it is best to weigh it off. Will you be able to get back the money you invested in terms of the savings you will get from renting moving vehicles and personnel? Or will you be actually incurring more costs? If it is more of the latter, then renting will be the best option.

Renting a movable cubicle also means that you get support from the supplier of the cubicle in case a problem arises. Of course if you buy a cubicle, you are on your own. You will be the one to attend to the troubleshooting, maintenance, and overall supervision of the unit.

containerOn the other hand if you are just renting, all you have to think about is your stuff, your packing and moving, and settling into your new location. Thus, you can concentrate on that and do a better job. Then when a problem arises, you can just call the owner of the cubicle so s/he can send someone to help you out and fix the problem. You can ask for all the assistance that you need provided that it is covered within the agreement. There is also a fallback in case you find something wrong with the movable cubicle. The bottom line is, there is someone else to take care of matters other than the basic packing and moving which is your sole job.

Lastly, you do not have to be stressed about where you are going to put or store the movable cubicle once the moving process is done. These units are huge so they definitely take up a lot of space; space which you can use for a lot of other purposes. In the same manner, you will not have to worry about disposing off or selling the cubicles once you are done using them.


One of the drawbacks of renting a movable cubicle is that you will have to pay regular dues which will still take up part of your operating expenses. Depending on what is stipulated in your contract, you will have to pay monthly, quarterly or whatever you agreed to when you discussed it with the supplier.

Again, just as suggested above, it is best if you factor in all of the related expenses? Will you spend more or save more if you rent the cubicle? Then proceed with your decision from there.

Lastly, you cannot alter the cubicle according to your needs, unless of course you and the supplier agreed upon this and it is written in black and white in the contract. That means if you suddenly have a change of requirements, you will not be able to modify the cubicle accordingly. You just have to think of other ways to go about this quandary. Or you can talk to the supplier about it. If you want to know more pros and cons of movable cubicle then go through


What Everybody Ought To Know About Custom Lanyards

According to Wikipedia, the very first lanyards were used in France. There were known by the term “Laniere” which means a strap or thong apparatus. Later, these were called lanyards and were used by French soldiers to connect their whistles, swords or pistols. These cords were used in situations where there is a higher risk of losing the object, such as in the navy. A well-designed pistol lanyard can be removed easily and reattached by the user. At present, lanyards are used not just to hold a functional object, but a decorative item as well.

Types of Lanyards

There are four main types of custom lanyards: tube, beaded, cord and ribbon also known as flat. The materials used in making lanyards vary from cotton or polyester to metal beading. They vary in function from being a tool to hold an object to accessorize a military police officer’s uniform.

Purpose of Using Lanyards

The main purpose of using lanyards is to keep small items on hand and near to you, such as your employee ID, cell phone or keys. They are generally composed of a strap of some kind and at the bottom an attachment. However, there are different components you can use with them. The kind of cord or the components you purchase for your lanyard depend on where and how you intend to use the lanyard.

Components For Custom Lanyards


Custom LanyardsThe straps for custom lanyards are available in different forms. Those worn around the neck can be accessorized to create a beaded lanyard, holding an ID at the end. It can also be flat, made of woven nylon ribbons that are tough and can withstand constant use and tougher conditions. You can purchase lanyard straps with an organization or brand name or logo on them to display your support of something.  They can also be coiled or elastic, particularly if they are to used around the wrist.

Sliding Adjusters

It is a small piece of plastic or metal with one or two holes in it, that both sides of the strap pass through. To keep it in place, the hole is tight enough on the strap but still loose enough to enable you to adjust the tightness of the lanyard strap by sliding it down and up. Adjusters can come in the “bead” style, which has only one hole, and the double-barrel style, which has two separate holes.

Snap Hooks

It usually comes with a lanyard strap and is connected underneath the loop of the strap with a metal loop at the upper part of the snap hook. You can connect anything to the hook that is small and has a hole in, like an ID card with a hole punched through a key ring or the edge. To connect something to the snap hook, press the end of the overlapping opening and slip the edge of the ID card or the key ring through the opening.  Release the opening and allow it to snap shut.

Bulldog Clips

These clips are used to attach an ID card holder or an ID card to a lanyard strap. To use this, to open the jaws of the longer end squeeze the shorter end together. Place the hole in the holder or ID card in the opening and release the short end so that the jaws will spring back together. This clip has a metal loop found at the top, you can attach the bottom of the lanyard strap here.

These are only some of the components that you can use for your custom lanyards. Considering the versatility of these lanyards, exploring other options may lead you to other viable components.

Why Hire an Outstanding Motivational Speaker

Nowadays, the demands for motivational speakers are increasing. This is because most people nowadays lack motivation. It is no secret that life today is far different from the life what most people have been used to in the past. The struggles in the modern world are so tasking that most people are left stressed out.

The primary purpose of hiring a motivational speaker is to help inspire the key people in an organization to improve their efficiency in order to achieve maximum work output. It is inevitable for members of an organization, especially for a business-oriented institution, to have apathetic employees who are unable to be productive. This is where a motivational speaker comes in.

The Need to Hire Motivational Speakers

There are several reasons why people in a business become unmotivated. Some of them believe that they have already reached the summit of their work standard and they become disinterested to pursue their profession any further. Oftentimes, the employees’ morale is affected by personal and professional issues even to a point that even the team lead and senior executives of the company are unable to motivate these people.

Motivational speakerWhen the morale of the employees starts plummeting, it is time to hire a professional motivational speaker to boost their morale through the use of various motivational techniques. Motivational speakers have the expertise of motivating a team with a declining level of self-esteem and productivity. These motivational speakers would be able to share their own personal thoughts on how the employees can become an asset to the company as well as ways on how to maximize profit.

How to Choose the Right Speaker

There are many motivational speakers out there and each one of them has a diverse track record. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the motivational speaker who’s better suited to your organization. There are motivational speakers who specialize in the fields of arts, business, education, human rights, etc.

Before you choose a motivational speaker, you need be clear about what exactly you are expecting from the speaker. Businesses have different goals when looking for motivational speakers. Some businesses want to hire motivational speakers to help their sales team to come up with fresh, new ideas. On the other hand, there are those who want to have their employees bond together for them to be able to function as a team. You may need to talk to the speaker so that he would be able to modify his speech and presentation to your business’ needs.

How Motivational Speakers Can Help

Most of the time, conferences are a highly charged environment which further increases the pressure that adds up to the employees’ stress level. Therefore, one the things that professional motivational speakers need to do is to create a relaxing atmosphere for the audience in attendance. Professional motivational speakers are known to have a commanding presence that helps in catching people’s attention.

Professional motivational speakers are able to command the audience’s attention through their natural, unobtrusive, and easy manner of communication. These speakers make use of powerful words and unique mannerisms to command the audience’s attention. Additionally, they are able to relate to the audience at a more personal level.

Motivational speakers are able to motivate people by relating their own personal experiences, particularly by discussing how they have overcame their struggles in life. There are also instances wherein speakers relate the stories of others to help motivate their audience. They are also able analyze problems, pinpoint the causes, and provide practical solutions. The speaker usually has a background in the industry so he already knows the ins and outs of the business.

Author Bio:
The motivational speaker provides an inspiring and uplifting program usually built around powerful stories, often personal experiences of the speaker.

The Challenge Coins – The New Medal of Honor

Any organization that truly takes care of their employees recognize those who put the great effort, who rise to the occasion, and who are always up to the challenge. The success of any enterprise rests on the shoulders and the will of its employees. Of course, everyone in an organization is expected to put their best in everything they are tasked to do. But in any organization, there will always be those who stand out – those who are a little hungrier and more hardworking than the rest of the crowd. They are always bankable whenever the company needs them. They are the resident go-to guys who are always willing to put much more on the line for the benefit of the organization. They are the examples, the team leaders, and they are the ones deserving of challenge coins.

challenge coinsWhat exactly are challenge coins? For the uninitiated, these are special coins given to special people within an organization. They are most common among the military ranks, the task forces, the navy, the police and the fire department – all of whom risk life and limb for the welfare and betterment of society.

The origin of these coins has varied from story to story. It is widely recognized that during the time of the Roman Empire, coins were given as rewards to soldiers to recognize their exemplary performance. The most common story, although supported by very little facts, is that challenge coins originated during World War I and were used in a way similar to that of ID cards. They were validations of one’s membership within the military ranks.

It was also during this time when the tradition of challenging (from which the coins got their namesake) was introduced. Challenges usually happen in bars or pubs. Challenging is when a member of a unit asks, or challenges fellow unit members to produce their coins. The challenger signals a challenge by taking out his/her own coin and placing it on the table, or repeatedly tapping it on the table. Everyone then must produce their coins. Those who fail to produce their coins are tasked with buying a round of drinks for the ones who have with them their coins, including the challenger. If everyone shows that they have their coins, then the challenger would have to buy a round of drinks for everyone. Challenges are thus generally seen as a tradition that fosters camaraderie among members of an organization.

challenge coinChallenge coins come in different styles, sizes, textures, colors and materials. Their design depends on the image that their respective organizations project. An organization that utilizes these coins would, of course, require a unique design exclusively for them. They need a look for their coins that acts as an extension of their personality as a whole. They need a feel for their coins that encapsulates the essence and purpose of their organization. Furthermore, coins need to feel relevant to their recipients. A trophy for a great achiever needs to have the look of great importance and the feel of a wonderful treasure.

Today, challenge coins are badges of pride and honor that validate the membership of an owner to an organization. They are often rewarded to employees in recognition of their contributions and achievements. They act as a solid proof of one’s hard work, drive and commitment to the success of an enterprise. It is a small object that carries big importance. It is a medal of recognition and a token of appreciation that enhances morale. It is a symbol of excellence which may inspire others to pour out more heart, sweat and effort for the success of an organization and its beneficiaries.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Golf Ball

One of the things you need to do when you want to play golf is to have golf equipments, most specifically, the ball. Golf balls are vital elements in a golf game. All golf balls are different from each other. The type of ball used during the game always greatly affects the result of a game. For golf players, choosing the right ball is a very important task. Looking and finding the right ball for the game depends on the golf player’s goals and abilities.

Golf originated in Scotland during the 15th century. During that time, golf balls are made from rubber, goose feathers and wood. These balls cannot travel far nor have the ability to fly straight. Its appearance changed by the year 1900: from wood and goose feathers, it was then made of a solid rubber wrapped in rubber thread inside a hard circular shaped shell which still serves a basic pattern for golf balls these days. Advance technology developed better balls for today’s use.

Golf ballsGolf balls are generally grouped into two categories: recreational and advanced balls. Recreational balls are composed of two layers with the cover harder than the core. It is great for golfers who have a swing speed of 80 miles per hour and those who occasionally lose balls on the course due to its side spin reduction and low comprehension. Recreational balls are also generally cheaper than advance balls.

Advanced balls, on the other hand, are made of three or more layers, with a firmer core and softer cover. These balls are great for strong players who could produce a heavy swing with a great swing speed. Advanced balls are more expensive than recreational balls but have a variety of brands and colors that a golf player can choose from.

One of the biggest factors to consider in choosing the best ball depends on the golf player’s swing speed. Golf players with lower swing speed struggles for distance and should use a harder distance ball. Golfers with higher swing speed experience difficulties with controlling around the greens and should use a softer golf ball.

If a golf player is not familiar with his swing speed, he can either buy a swing speed monitor or can go to the nearest golf retail shop and have a retailer with a swing speed monitor check the speed for him. Some golf players who don’t want to spend much money in buying a swing speed monitor can still determine their swing speed by using the following equation:

First, using a driver, hit a number of distance balls. Get the sum of the top ten distances;
Second, to get the average carry distance, divide the sum by ten;
Third, using the number to estimate the speed of the ball, divide the average by 1.7;
Lastly, divide the number with 1.5. The ending result is the estimated swing speed of the golf player.

Other than the speed, the golf player should also keep in mind about the handicaps during the game. The lower the handicap of the player, the better player he is. The higher the handicap of the player, the poorer player that person is. Losing the ball is high for golf player who have high handicaps. Because of this, it is a wise choice to purchase less expensive balls. In addition, balls which can offer the most distance is a need for most players with high handicaps.

It is not an impossible task to find the perfect golf ball for you. However, always keep in mind about the golf balls’ type and construction to best meet your goals to perfect your game during the course.

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Common Types of Content Professional Content Writers Create

Writing articles is the top priority of a writer. If you are one of the professional content writers who have already established a name in the SEO industry, then you should already know by now that you are not limited to using only one type of article. You have other types of articles that you can create for your own domain nowadays.

You can have the blog posts. When you have a domain, you have a core message that you are focusing on as well as a secondary message to support the core one. Blog posts are the articles content writers write that match perfectly with the core message or secondary message your domain has. It can be as short as 100 words or 1500 words, as long as it is appealing to your audience.

Podcasts are radio shows or audio articles you can add to your own domain. Podcasts are impossible to air when you cannot create a good content for the show. Podcasting has already grown in popularity over the years since this is the kind of content type that would be good for those people who do not have the time to read articles but can still listen to radio shows. They can listen to the podcasts while they are community from home to work or vice versa. They can list when they are doing some other activities as well.

Content WritersVideo is the same as the radio shows in that it cannot be aired if the content is not organized. With videos, it will be impossible to contain all of the content in your domain. Instead of putting it all in your website, it is better to just create a channel in video streaming websites. You can then just repost that into your own website.

Teleseminars and webinars are growing more and more popular in the online community as well. For these types, the speaker will be presenting information to thousands of live audience tuning in to the channel. There will be a recording of that teleseminar or webinar, which will then be posted on your website later together with a transcript.

Magazine articles can also be considered as one of the types that a writer can create. The magazine articles talk about topics that are relevant to your core and secondary messages. However, content writers do not publish the magazine articles digitally. Instead, just publish this in print magazine like the brand’s magazine, consumer magazine, or trade magazine.

Info graphics is the content type which focuses on providing a creative presentation with the use of facts and figures. This is definitely a more creative way of presenting compared to the traditional reports. When you do the info graphics really well, other people can share the information with others with ease. Info graphics should be a great resource of information that other people cannot have.

Speeches, interviews, and workshops are very informative content types. Remember that if something is considered as information, then that can be considered as content as well. The information that are shared during speeches, interviews, and workshops can then be recycled, incorporating them in any of the available content types. If this is properly incorporated to articles of other content types, the speeches, interviews, and workshops add more value to it.

Newsletters are another content type that is mainly focused on content marketing. Since content writers want to build better relationships with other people, it is only natural that you send your website’s content to your reader’s email address. When they join the mailing list, then the newsletters you have created will be of great use.

There are special reports and white papers you can do too. Special reports and white papers always contain information that allows people to come to a better decision. Content writers who are experts at writing special reports and white papers are oftentimes given great premiums because these are content types that require extensive research.

Content writers takes pride in being considered some of the best content writing service and marketers online.

9 Secrets That Every Real Estate Agents Should Learn

It’s no secret that majority of real estate agents don’t make it to commission day. For those who have already succeeded, we’re sure that they know all or some of these secrets. You should learn them too.

  • Build the profile of the house.

A house is like a celebrity. It needs to have an image where it will be typecast for a while.
Forget mixing-and-matching and just be consistent. A high-end property should exude that appeal from the design to the address. An eco-friendly house needs to be sustainable and safe, from the layout to the materials used. Clients who are willing to “spend” are never in-between, so you should never be too.

  • Renovate a home based on your liking.

It contradicts what some experts say, that the target market should be kept in mind when renovating. However, not all buyers know what they want and what shouldn’t want, so we are sticking to our rules.

Your job is to make them realize that. A real estate agent should know how to shape his client’s preference but not in a way that becomes too manipulative. If you don’t have a good taste and sensitivity to empathize with what the market wants, then it shows that you don’t have what it takes to become an agent.

  • Go international if the price is right.

Only luxury properties can be overpriced. Tommy Hilfiger obviously knows that so he is putting his apartment in the market for a whopping $75,000,000. However, when a property seems to be so much above the average market value in the area, some agents tend to lower the price to meet the market demand.

real estateThat’s wrong. A luxury real estate should never adjust for the demand. The demand should adjust for the price. If your current market cannot afford what you think is the property’s real worth, you are probably targeting the wrong market.

Go international if needed. Many millionaires from abroad will be more than willing to stay in a grand residence in the U.S. Heiress Petra Ecclestone from U.K. flew to Hollywood just to buy producer Aaron Spelling’s $85-million mansion.

  • Don’t let the clients see the property; make them feel it.

Visually pleasing your clients doesn’t always result to permanent awe. However, when you reinforce their impression by experience, the impact becomes more compelling. Instead of touring them inside and outside of the property, give them experience of enjoyment in the property. Hold a party, a networking opportunity for clients, or in the words of Raymond Bolduc, a mini auction.

Some people won’t realize that they want a real estate until they enjoy having it.

  • People want to live near their own kind.

It doesn’t always follow, but clients want to buy a property in a place where they feel they belong to. Rich people want to live near other rich people. Families want to live in a neighborhood where most households share the same situation as theirs. Racism aside, many African-American families also want to live in a community where the majority belongs to the same ethnicity as theirs.

When a client approaches you, find a property that fits their profile well. You don’t base the negotiation on price all the time. Many clients will pay a little over their budget if they feel that they have already found the perfect place for them to live in forever.

  • Don’t invite a client to the property; bring him there.

There’s nothing wrong in inviting prospective buyers, but when you do that, you practically eliminate the ones who haven’t yet decided and the ones who are not that into your salesmanship.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t invite a client to see a property. We are just saying that if you feel that a client is so close to signing the papers, add an extra pampering by picking up the client, treating him to a scrumptious meal, and touring him in the community.

  • Investigate your client’s profile

Getting to know your client better shows his strengths and weaknesses—the things he likes and doesn’t like. You can use that information as you go through with the negotiation. By touching his soft spots and avoiding his sensitive side, you get closer to closing the deal, and you walking away with the commission.

You can clandestinely follow clients on their social media accounts and professional profiles. You can even ask around discreetly. At the initial stages of the negotiation, it is also important that you learn their likes and dislikes in their current and past residences.

  • Deals don’t normally start online

Although online marketing now plays a crucial role in finding clients for real estate, would you believe that most top agents still do not recommend faceless transactions? Even answering inquiries through chats and emails is not recommended.

Whenever your gut feel tells you that the man on the other end is a potential buyer, make a call and answer him through a formal conversation. You are selling properties and not pancakes. It wouldn’t hurt to make a call.

  • A lost deal is not a lost client

Losing a deal doesn’t mean losing the client. He may not push through with the property, but an agent will always have other properties on his list. If the client doesn’t like anything you have as of the moment, still keep the lines open, because a bad day today may become a great day tomorrow.

Lapel pins: Manufacturing Methods

lapelpinsLapel pins have been around for centuries. They were first used during the height of the Civil War in the United States to distinguish members and officials belonging to the Union and the Confederates. It is not unlikely that lapel pins have developed and adapted newer forms of manufacturing methods over the years. With the demand to a more personalized and more price efficient and versatile design, manufacturers have adapted a number of methods that will suit every design and customization needs. This works to the advantage of every client who desires a specific look for their customized lapel pins.


This is the oldest type of manufacturing technique. The pin is cut and the design is stamped, leaving recessed and embossed parts. Then the powdered color pigment taken from a Pantone color chart will be added to each area and the pin will be baked. Usually the pin will be baked every time a color is added. Shimmer and glitters can be added to the pigment. Just like the typical manufacturing process, the pin would be filed smooth if necessary and an epoxy coating will be added to protect the color.

Soft Enamel

Just like in cloisonee, the design is stamped unto the metal then the pin is cut. Instead of applying the powdered pigment, the color is injected into the recessed areas. Unlike cloisonee, the pigment will not have any substance so the embossed and recessed areas are apparent. A clear epoxy coating can be applied to make the pin appear smooth.


The outline of the design will be first used to cut the lapel pins from the copper or brass sheets then the design image is stamped on. The image will be created initially on a die. The pin is the plated with the desired metal and then polished. This method gives an engraved look.

Offset Digital Printing or 4-color Process

This complex technique is used to capture photographic designs. Therefore, there is often a surcharge when this method is used. The images are printed on the metal’s front face and then cut. Pantone colors are not used rather, CMYK printer colors.

Photo Etched

The design of the pin is etched unto the metal face of the pin with the use of an acid solution. It is then hand-painted, baked and then polish.

Silk Screen

Screen printed lapel pins are made by applying individual blocks of color on at a time using the silk screen method similar in making t-shirts. Then they will be baked and coated with a clear epoxy resin.

Attachment Methods

At the back of every lapel pin is an attachment that is usually just a pin and hinge. Today, various attachment methods are available.

Safety Clasp

This kind of attachment resembles a safety pin but it comes with a special plate to which the pin will be attached

Butterfly/Military Clutch

This attachment is commonly used in military. It composes of a separate round stopper that attaches to the pin. The round stopper has 2 small wings that are squeezed to detach itself from the needle behind the pin.

Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic clasps have 1 to 2 magnets behind the pin that attaches the pin to a separate metal plate or another magnet. This is suitable for people who do not want pinholes on their clothes. Magnetic clasp attachments are the priciest kind of attachment.

Jewelry Clutch

Just like the butterfly clutch, the jewelry clutch has a separate stopper. Jewelry clutches resemble earring stoppers.


A threaded bolt is attached to the back of the pin. This bolt will then be attached to a small separate screw.