Common Types of Content Professional Content Writers Create

Writing articles is the top priority of a writer. If you are one of the professional content writers who have already established a name in the SEO industry, then you should already know by now that you are not limited to using only one type of article. You have other types of articles that you can create for your own domain nowadays.

You can have the blog posts. When you have a domain, you have a core message that you are focusing on as well as a secondary message to support the core one. Blog posts are the articles content writers write that match perfectly with the core message or secondary message your domain has. It can be as short as 100 words or 1500 words, as long as it is appealing to your audience.

Podcasts are radio shows or audio articles you can add to your own domain. Podcasts are impossible to air when you cannot create a good content for the show. Podcasting has already grown in popularity over the years since this is the kind of content type that would be good for those people who do not have the time to read articles but can still listen to radio shows. They can listen to the podcasts while they are community from home to work or vice versa. They can list when they are doing some other activities as well.

Content WritersVideo is the same as the radio shows in that it cannot be aired if the content is not organized. With videos, it will be impossible to contain all of the content in your domain. Instead of putting it all in your website, it is better to just create a channel in video streaming websites. You can then just repost that into your own website.

Teleseminars and webinars are growing more and more popular in the online community as well. For these types, the speaker will be presenting information to thousands of live audience tuning in to the channel. There will be a recording of that teleseminar or webinar, which will then be posted on your website later together with a transcript.

Magazine articles can also be considered as one of the types that a writer can create. The magazine articles talk about topics that are relevant to your core and secondary messages. However, content writers do not publish the magazine articles digitally. Instead, just publish this in print magazine like the brand’s magazine, consumer magazine, or trade magazine.

Info graphics is the content type which focuses on providing a creative presentation with the use of facts and figures. This is definitely a more creative way of presenting compared to the traditional reports. When you do the info graphics really well, other people can share the information with others with ease. Info graphics should be a great resource of information that other people cannot have.

Speeches, interviews, and workshops are very informative content types. Remember that if something is considered as information, then that can be considered as content as well. The information that are shared during speeches, interviews, and workshops can then be recycled, incorporating them in any of the available content types. If this is properly incorporated to articles of other content types, the speeches, interviews, and workshops add more value to it.

Newsletters are another content type that is mainly focused on content marketing. Since content writers want to build better relationships with other people, it is only natural that you send your website’s content to your reader’s email address. When they join the mailing list, then the newsletters you have created will be of great use.

There are special reports and white papers you can do too. Special reports and white papers always contain information that allows people to come to a better decision. Content writers who are experts at writing special reports and white papers are oftentimes given great premiums because these are content types that require extensive research.

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