Factors to Consider in Buying a Golf Ball

One of the things you need to do when you want to play golf is to have golf equipments, most specifically, the ball. Golf balls are vital elements in a golf game. All golf balls are different from each other. The type of ball used during the game always greatly affects the result of a game. For golf players, choosing the right ball is a very important task. Looking and finding the right ball for the game depends on the golf player’s goals and abilities.

Golf originated in Scotland during the 15th century. During that time, golf balls are made from rubber, goose feathers and wood. These balls cannot travel far nor have the ability to fly straight. Its appearance changed by the year 1900: from wood and goose feathers, it was then made of a solid rubber wrapped in rubber thread inside a hard circular shaped shell which still serves a basic pattern for golf balls these days. Advance technology developed better balls for today’s use.

Golf ballsGolf balls are generally grouped into two categories: recreational and advanced balls. Recreational balls are composed of two layers with the cover harder than the core. It is great for golfers who have a swing speed of 80 miles per hour and those who occasionally lose balls on the course due to its side spin reduction and low comprehension. Recreational balls are also generally cheaper than advance balls.

Advanced balls, on the other hand, are made of three or more layers, with a firmer core and softer cover. These balls are great for strong players who could produce a heavy swing with a great swing speed. Advanced balls are more expensive than recreational balls but have a variety of brands and colors that a golf player can choose from.

One of the biggest factors to consider in choosing the best ball depends on the golf player’s swing speed. Golf players with lower swing speed struggles for distance and should use a harder distance ball. Golfers with higher swing speed experience difficulties with controlling around the greens and should use a softer golf ball.

If a golf player is not familiar with his swing speed, he can either buy a swing speed monitor or can go to the nearest golf retail shop and have a retailer with a swing speed monitor check the speed for him. Some golf players who don’t want to spend much money in buying a swing speed monitor can still determine their swing speed by using the following equation:

First, using a driver, hit a number of distance balls. Get the sum of the top ten distances;
Second, to get the average carry distance, divide the sum by ten;
Third, using the number to estimate the speed of the ball, divide the average by 1.7;
Lastly, divide the number with 1.5. The ending result is the estimated swing speed of the golf player.

Other than the speed, the golf player should also keep in mind about the handicaps during the game. The lower the handicap of the player, the better player he is. The higher the handicap of the player, the poorer player that person is. Losing the ball is high for golf player who have high handicaps. Because of this, it is a wise choice to purchase less expensive balls. In addition, balls which can offer the most distance is a need for most players with high handicaps.

It is not an impossible task to find the perfect golf ball for you. However, always keep in mind about the golf balls’ type and construction to best meet your goals to perfect your game during the course.

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