Preserving the Value of Your Collection of Patches

Collecting items is a habit that people developed before and is still enjoying today. There just seem to be something that makes people happy just by surrounding themselves with their collection. Of course, the process of searching and acquiring is always fun. But that’s also when the challenge starts. As your collection grows, the more space gets required to keep them. The same goes when collecting patches. As it adds up, it becomes a necessity for you to know the best way you can store and protect your collection without losing its value.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

So the question now is, how can you preserve the value of your collection without storing them away and out of your sight? The options are actually wide. At most, all you need is to take advantage of your creativity and incorporate your collection as you enhance your home interior. Below are just some great ideas you may consider and improve depending on your preference.

1. Framed Patch Displays

The most basic way you can make your patch collection as part of your interior is through using picture frames or display cases. You have three options here: aluminum sectional frames with Plexiglass, poster size frames or foam core board, the least inexpensive of all. No matter what you choose, select that offers enough space to avoid pressing the items on the case. Display cases for patch comes in table top or wall mount option.

2. Cork Board

This is an option worth considering if you are up for some DIY project. Just get a 2”x3” cork bulletin board and some shrink wrap for the materials. This size of cork bulletin board will let you fit about four rows of 7 patches. You can use a stapler to attach the patch on the board or use other safer means if you want. Once done in this phase, you can start wrapping the frame using the shrink wrap to provide protection for the items.

3. Patch Album

PatchesIn this option, you can treat your patch collection just like the pictures showing every happy moments of your life. There are even photo albums that are specifically created for these items. Once the items are arranged on the album, have it displayed where you can easily access it while still keeping it well-protected.

4. Art is Art: Decorate Your Schoolbag with Patches

For this option, you can use any color you prefer for the schoolbag – should be plain or at least, only has little design. But it would be best to choose black or navy for a better background. Your schoolbag will serve as your blank canvass, giving you all the freedom to decide on the design and what to make it look like. So plan the design well before starting.

5. Hide Rack Display

PatchThis is a suitable option if you are feeling that creative at the moment. A hide rack display functions just like any display frames. The only difference is, you will make the frame itself and practice what you learned during your Boy Scout years, like making hitches and knots. You will need dowels, cotton cord, bit and drill, synthetic suede leather and more to get the project done.

Some Tips to Get You Going

Whatever ways you choose to display your collection, it would be best to do away with pins, cellophane, staples, pins and masking tape. Using any of these materials will not help in preserving the value of your collection but only increase the risk of marking or staining them. If you are planning to display your patches on frames, make sure to mount them at eye level. It will also complement with your interior to create a theme when displaying the items.

Don’t forget to add at least a short description of the collection to make them more purposeful. Lastly, you want to make sure that your investment is displayed out of the sun. Patch displays that are exposed to the sun for a long period will bleach and ruin its colors. It is best to avoid displaying these items where there is too much traffic as well, especially if the items are framed.

Your patch collection is significant in several ways. It may be your means of expressing your personality or creativity. Or, each of the patches you have may be acquired from significant instances in your life. Regardless of the way you acquired them, you want to make sure that they are preserved well.Get more detail idea about collection of patches and their custom design application and how they are to be preserved by visiting Keeping them organized and using one of the ideas mentioned is among the ways you can achieve and ensure of that.