A Tradition of Funeral Service Excellence

Losing a loved one is an extremely emotional and stressful experience.  Amidst the personal difficulties that are experienced during this time, there are practical things to take care of.  This is where funeral services come in. Excellent funeral services involve thoroughness, personalization, sensitivity and discreetness.  Upon visiting our website, gentrygriffey.com, you can read more information about gentrygriffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory.  We understand that funeral services should be done with as much dignity and love befitting the deceased.

Gentry Griffey has been serving families in Knox County and its surrounding vicinity since 1948.  We are a trusted and reliable partner during one of the most sensitive and difficult times of families’ lives. We are a proud member of both the National Funeral Directors Association and the Tennessee Funeral Directors Association.  How did this tradition of excellent service start?  At gentrygriffey.com, you will find the history of the company and our pride in serving the residents of this area for many years.  This pride is still reflected in the present day and has kept us going all these years.

Aside from being well-known in the community, we also have a beautiful outdoor property, which is open to the public. In fact, our building is located on a three-acre piece of land with a park dotted with dogwood trees.  The property also sits by the Fountain City Lake.  While the exterior has natural beauty, our renovated building is equally stunning, showcasing the traditional architecture of the American south from the late 1800s.  A video captures this beauty at gentrygriffey.com.

Our staff are not only dedicated to quality and personalized service to our clients, but they are also much qualified to serve you.

Our staff members are licensed funeral directors with years of experience in the funeral industry. We also have qualified grief counselors to help you come to terms with the loss of your loved one. Aside from this, our capable staff takes care of all the necessary paperwork needed, especially in procuring Social Security benefits, veteran’s benefits and insurance claims. Read more about our staff members’ qualifications and relevant details at gentrygriffey.com.Funeral

The owners and operators of Gentry Griffey are all locals in the area, so they understand the needs and culture of the community. Being exposed to this diversity, we provide funeral services for all cultures and traditions. If needed, they can extend financial assistance.  One great thing about this funeral service facility is that it is able to accommodate every budget.

We have our own state-of-the-art mortuary and Funeral Chapel, and we offer a full range of funeral services. Our packages cover all areas of the service, from embalming to transport to the final resting place, and everything else in between.  We take care of even the small details.

In our effort to better serve the community, Gentry Griffey opened its very first fully operational on-site crematory in the county.  This is a reflection of changing preferences of people in terms of how their remains will be handled.  Gentry Griffey is sensitive to the needs of the community, so we thought of establishing this crematory within our premises. The advantage of having our own on-site crematory, the only one in the Knoxville area, is that we are not dependent on a separate facility. This also means that the deceased will stay in just one place, instead of being transferred from one place to another.  We also do not have to depend on the schedule of other crematories that are located out of town.

We believe that our service does not end when the remains are disposed, either through burial or inurnment. We also aim to support families who are grieving and help them go through this difficult time in their lives.  In 2015, we established a grief support group called BLOOMS.  BLOOMS, an acronym that stands for Bringing together Losses of Others Mourning Sadness, has meetings and reading materials to help people overcome grief.  We also send monthly email newsletters through our Circle of Friends Newsletter campaign, which sends out important advice and articles that help with the grieving process.

Having vast experience in the funeral service area, no one understands funeral services like we do.  However, what makes us really stand out above all others is that we care about our clients.  Gentry Griffey stands by the core values of Trust, Value, and Service.  All our employees, management, and staff imbibe these values as we serve the community. We believe that it is important to have a proper funeral service not only to honor the deceased, but also to provide suitable closure and start the healing process for those who are left behind. The standard of excellent service that the founders of Gentry Griffey started years ago is still in place today. We are proud to be of service to you and your family.

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Excellent funeral services involve thoroughness, personalization, sensitivity and discreetness.You can read more information about gentrygriffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory.