Renting Movable Cubicles

A movable cubicle can be pricey. Nonetheless, they are extremely useful. So if you do not have enough savings yet, do not worry because not being able to buy a unit for yourself that does not necessarily mean that you cannot use one. There are always other options.

Rent a movable cubicle

For one, you can opt to rent a movable cubicle. If moving to a new office is an urgent task and your savings is not enough to buy a unit, then you can just rent. There are actually a lot of companies offering movable cubicles for rent. But of course, this option also has its own pros and cons


Renting a movable cubicle is no doubt cheaper than buying your own. In fact, it can be a better option if you are planning to use the cubicle for only a short period of time or even one-time big-time. As mentioned earlier, although it is quite useful, a movable cubicle is costly and you really have to save up for it.

So it is best to weigh it off. Will you be able to get back the money you invested in terms of the savings you will get from renting moving vehicles and personnel? Or will you be actually incurring more costs? If it is more of the latter, then renting will be the best option.

Renting a movable cubicle also means that you get support from the supplier of the cubicle in case a problem arises. Of course if you buy a cubicle, you are on your own. You will be the one to attend to the troubleshooting, maintenance, and overall supervision of the unit.

containerOn the other hand if you are just renting, all you have to think about is your stuff, your packing and moving, and settling into your new location. Thus, you can concentrate on that and do a better job. Then when a problem arises, you can just call the owner of the cubicle so s/he can send someone to help you out and fix the problem. You can ask for all the assistance that you need provided that it is covered within the agreement. There is also a fallback in case you find something wrong with the movable cubicle. The bottom line is, there is someone else to take care of matters other than the basic packing and moving which is your sole job.

Lastly, you do not have to be stressed about where you are going to put or store the movable cubicle once the moving process is done. These units are huge so they definitely take up a lot of space; space which you can use for a lot of other purposes. In the same manner, you will not have to worry about disposing off or selling the cubicles once you are done using them.


One of the drawbacks of renting a movable cubicle is that you will have to pay regular dues which will still take up part of your operating expenses. Depending on what is stipulated in your contract, you will have to pay monthly, quarterly or whatever you agreed to when you discussed it with the supplier.

Again, just as suggested above, it is best if you factor in all of the related expenses? Will you spend more or save more if you rent the cubicle? Then proceed with your decision from there.

Lastly, you cannot alter the cubicle according to your needs, unless of course you and the supplier agreed upon this and it is written in black and white in the contract. That means if you suddenly have a change of requirements, you will not be able to modify the cubicle accordingly. You just have to think of other ways to go about this quandary. Or you can talk to the supplier about it. If you want to know more pros and cons of movable cubicle then go through